EmpowHER Program 





The changes of adolescence can be a big adjustment. Coping with difficult circumstances, bullying or just the ever-increasing social media phenomenon, has allowed us to observe added developmental effects of an already difficult adjustment for girls, beginning in middle school to high school. These influences impact their wellbeing and emotional development, creating anxiety, decreased self-confidence, pressures living up to false appearances, negative self-image, negative body image and depression (just to name a few), and has increased the difficulty for girls to build a healthy foundation for themselves. 

So many girls take on the responsibility of dealing with situations alone. Many feel its weak to ask for help, intimidated that they will be ridiculed or dismiss their own feelings. It’s imperative to remove the stigma of shame and fear to speak with someone, to speak up if they have been abused or wronged in some way, or if they are just having a hard time coping with change. Learning to deal with change and understanding how to manage the curveballs life throws, greatly reduces the likelihood of making decisions that could lead to dangerous outcomes. 

Creating a generation of emotionally healthy girls in their early developmental years, is important to produce a foundation of mentally strong, self-aware, confident women.  Becoming more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and therefore better equipped to deal with problems to set and achieve goals.

Our goal is to foster a shift. We believe creating a space to empower girls will promote that shift to be sustainable generationally. 

·  Learn that their circumstances do not define who they are. 

·  Taking control of their circumstances to achieve their own goals 

·  Providing purpose, direction, and motivation.

·  Becoming more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and therefore better equipped to deal with problems and achieve goals.

·  Increased self-confidence to develop their own skills and find ways to make use of those skills.

·  Having the awareness that they are in control of their lives to make positive decisions, and to take action that will bring them closer to achieving their goals and ambitions.



"My overall experience with EmPowHER was great. I enjoyed being in a program with just girls and being able to talk about our goal, insecurities, and just questions we had. Some girls were shy, others weren’t. But all of us encouraged each other to speak with confidence. Nobody in there judged anybody else. I appreciate Adriana, Matt, and all the other teachers and staff for putting this program together for us at our school. Adriana and Matt are 2 of the most amazing people I’ve met. They’re so good at what they do from giving advice and encouragement to all of us, to making us feel like we’re in a safe zone to open up and speak about anything. This is a program I’d like to keep attending because I know that this program will help me for future references, whether it comes down to business or just growing and developing as a young, confident, and motivated person." - LIZ